Monday, June 27, 2011

No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk…

This is what the mother of the bride told me this weekend after informing her that her daughter’s wedding cake had fallen over during transport. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. A beautiful four tiered wedding cake toppled in the back of my Honda Pilot less than a half mile from the final destination. All we had to go was 4.4 miles and the cake did not make it.

I was completely devastated and EXTREMELY pissed that my 30+ hours of work came crashing down in a matter of seconds. The cake was salvageable and turned into a three tiered cake with roses cascading down both sides instead of the original plan of a four tiered cake with roses cascading down one side. Probably only 6 servings were lost and you almost couldn’t tell from the front that the back had some issues. If I were a guy I probably would have punched a wall or thrown the cake on the ground…but I’m a girl so I shed some frustration tears and came home and drank a whole bottle of wine.

The next day I called the bride to apologize repeatedly. She informed me she wasn’t a bridezilla and not to worry about it. I still fill guilty but, luckily, I (with some help from the groom’s mother) was able to salvage the cake for pictures. Plus the cake was still edible even if it didn’t look like the original.

In all honesty, I have been waiting for disaster to strike on a wedding cake for some time. They are by far the most stressful part of cake making. They also result in the most satisfaction once delivered in one piece. I just love seeing the pictures of the bride and groom sharing a special moment with one of my cakes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cupcakes, Hello Kitty, Zebra, & Spine

Some cupcakes to celebrate the last day of school. So far Hayden has been busy fishing this summer while his big sister plays softball.

My best friend Audra's daughter turned 4 on June 1st. Her dad didn't get is wish with a NASCAR cake. Good thing mom took over! Addison got a hello kitty cake. It was a vanilla cake that I colored 4 different colors so when you cut in you saw a rainbow of colors. Perfect for any 4 year old. Happy Birthday Addison!!!

Adorable Kenley turned 1 year old. Talk about a little diva! This zebra striped cake matched the adorable tutu/onesie/headband that she wore for her party and 1st birthday pictures. A matching purple smash cake with a zebra striped "1" complimented this cake.

My cousin Anna...well now Dr. Anna McCoy...recently graduated from chiropractic college. She joined her father in his business and asked me to make a cake for her open house.
Congratulations Anna! Best wishes on a successful career.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Old Crayons...What to do? What to do?

So what do you do when you have hundreds of old crayons and aren't 8 years old anymore?

You take all of the wrappers off the crayons.

Break them into smaller pieces.

Melt the crayons in shaped cookie pans.

Look at these cool shapes. Perfect gifts for any young girl or boy.