Thursday, July 28, 2011

Woody, Frog Pond, Pink 1st Birthday

Half sheet chocolate cake covered in vanilla and peanut butter frosting. I printed off a picture of Woody from the internet and traced around the body and then free handed the rest.

Full sheet cake that is half chocolate and half vanilla. The frosting is vanilla buttercream icing. To make the bank is chocolate cupcakes covered in frosting. The pebbles are made of tootsie rolls and so is the dock. The fish are Swedish fish candies. Frogs are non-edible.

Ayana has the most carefree mom in the world. She didn't care what flavor of cake was used or the decoration of the cakes. Heck she didn't even care if it was cakes or cupcakes. She did send me the plates and napkins that would be used at the party so that is what the decorations are based off of. The "1" is a strawberry cake and the cupcakes are yellow chocolate cookie dough cakes with chocolate and vanilla frosting.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waddle It Be?

I had the pleasure of playing a large part in my sister Whitney and her husband Brian's baby reveal celebration. I had came up with the idea of them finding out the sex of their baby with friends and family instead of in the doctor's office.

I looked to the internet for some inspiration and found the "Waddle It Be" them. They mailed me the sealed envelope with the baby's gender and for a whole week I knew what they were having. It was a little secret between me and the doctor. And for the record this cake maker can keep a secret.

Their favorite cake is carrot so the bottom cake is a three layers of the most delicious and moist carrot cake covered in cream cheese frosting. The duck was vanilla cake dyed BLUE and covered in vanilla buttercream frosting.

If you didn't catch it....the baby is a BOY.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grooms Golf Cake, Spiderman Cake

Three tiered golf themed grooms cake.
Half of a 3D ball, 6 inch and 8 inch tier. Cake is frosted in vanilla buttercream and has some fondant accents.

Half sheet spiderman cake. Half vanilla/half chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting.