Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cupcakes, Hello Kitty, Zebra, & Spine

Some cupcakes to celebrate the last day of school. So far Hayden has been busy fishing this summer while his big sister plays softball.

My best friend Audra's daughter turned 4 on June 1st. Her dad didn't get is wish with a NASCAR cake. Good thing mom took over! Addison got a hello kitty cake. It was a vanilla cake that I colored 4 different colors so when you cut in you saw a rainbow of colors. Perfect for any 4 year old. Happy Birthday Addison!!!

Adorable Kenley turned 1 year old. Talk about a little diva! This zebra striped cake matched the adorable tutu/onesie/headband that she wore for her party and 1st birthday pictures. A matching purple smash cake with a zebra striped "1" complimented this cake.

My cousin Anna...well now Dr. Anna McCoy...recently graduated from chiropractic college. She joined her father in his business and asked me to make a cake for her open house.
Congratulations Anna! Best wishes on a successful career.

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