Thursday, March 22, 2012

Have you noticed????

I am Herbalife!

I drink Herbalife green tea.
drink Herbalife protein shakes each day.
I take Herbalife supplements 3x daily.

Oh my! You think I'm a all-natural, herbal hippie now!
Nope, I'm no hippie, but I am 21.6 pounds lighter and have lost 17 plus inches all over.
And I'm not done yet!  The pounds keeping coming off and so do the inches.

I feel great.
I am more alert.
My acne has cleared up.
Weight has been lost.
Cottage cheese is disappearing (and I'm not talking about from the fridge)
Clothes are fitting better and some are too big.
I am getting healthy!

You can be Herbalife too, just ask me how.


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