Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY Chevron Wall

Chevron is EVERYWHERE and I'm jumping on the bandwagon. It has made its way on a wall in my house!  
I am in the process of switching my spare bedroom and craft room.  The spare bedroom was a little bland with all 4 walls being tan in color.  I livened the space up by painting chevron on the focal wall.
It is an easy process and I was able to complete the marking, taping, painting, and peeling in under 6 hours. 

The first step is determining what kind of zigzag you want. I knew I wanted a more spread out version instead of a very spiky zigzag.  Then its time to get your supplies and start going.

Chevron Wall

Supplies: Painters tape, level, pencil, paint & supplies (roller, brush, bucket, etc)

1. Mark the center of the wall at the baseboard. Mark every 12 inches going horizontally. Then from those spots mark every 6 inches vertically all the way to the ceiling. (like my drawing?!?)

2. Play connect the dots with your tape making the zigzag pattern. 
3. Start painting every other row. I did 3 coats of dark brown.

4. Once dry peel the tap off and make any necessary touch ups.

Check at this Lowe's idea library tutorial for another example of how to create a chevron wall.


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