Monday, September 24, 2012

EMMY Fashion

I love award shows. The EMMY Awards are probably my favorite because I watch A LOT of TV so I recognize the majority of the stars on the red carpet and shows/movies I actually watch win. I can no longer say that about the Oscars. For me the Oscars are all about the fashion and not the winners. But the EMMY Awards about BOTH!!!  Now on the the fashion. I picked three winners and lots of losers.

Winning Looks

Sofia Vergara - Always nails the dress, hair, and accessories. This year is no exception. Perfection!

Julie Bowen looking FAB! I don't think she has looked this good on the red carpet before. She looks great head to toe.

Padma Lakshmi - I love the bold color and how well it looked with her skin color. This was an effortless look. 

Losing Looks

Phoebe Price who are you? And where did you get your dress? I really wanna know! Next month I'm going to an 80's-90's formal wear party and this ugly ass dress would be perfect.

Ashley Judd - Is she wearing a homemade dress? WTF is with the humongous bow around the neck? Do I need to even mention how bad the hair looks?

Heidi Klum - Why is her crotch eating her dress?

Nicole Kidman - U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi. Your dress is ugly. Yeah, yeah its ugly. (typical)

Kat Dennings - Put them watermelons away. I may have looked like that at the pool this summer, but I don't have a stylist or the money of an actress. Plus I'm not on national television or in the magazines. You don't have any excuses.

Christina Hendricks - She just looks stupid. Nasty side and top boob. Can she even breathe? Plus the color makes her look like a ghost.  

Julianna Margulies - Looks like she is wearing a dress made from an old lady's formal living room sofa. And her hair is so slicked back she looks like a boy. 

Julianne Hough - This one is all over the place. I like the color and the bottom of the dress. However, the boob area looks like eye lids and from the neck up she looks old. The hair is awful and the makeup makes her look as if she is 40. 

What was your favorite and least favorite?


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