Friday, June 1, 2012

Begonias & Shit

I bought a beautiful hanging begonia plant the beginning of May that had the prettiest flowers. It was full of  overflowing yellow blooms and lushes green leaves.

I started to notice every time I pulled up to my garage a bird would come flying from somewhere.  I looked at the typical spots around the gutters and lights and didn't see a nest.  A couple more days go by and I'm still getting dive-bombed by this bird.  It dawns on my to look in my luscious begonia and this is what I find:

May 18 - 4 eggs and baby bird
I would randomly take the plant down and look inside to see if the birds were alive. They were the scrawniest looking things. They looked like little mice with beaks, bulging eyes and patchy fur. Not cute at all. I was afraid to water the plant, I didn't want to drown the new babies even though I knew they would be shitting everywhere if they survived.

Fast forward two weeks to June 1 - Bird shit everywhere and actual birds now. Crazy how fast they grow and get their feathers. 

Oh and my begonias look terrible because they are going through a drought to save the birds.


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