Friday, June 29, 2012

High Five for Friday

My parents bought a pool. It is there way of luring their adult children back to the farm more regularly and it is totally going to work.

I bought the cutest dress from Target on clearance for $7.48. Boom! Picture to come later!

 Can you say Doug Kinney #4?

 "I like pizza. I *like* it!"
"Hey Steve, did ya bring me any pizza Steve?" 
"Did you bring me a monkey?" 
"She touched my pepe, Steve!"  

Homemade peach pie with FRESH peaches. Thanks to my awesome co-worker for sharing her fruit tree. Cannot wait for the pears and apples that come next.

I get to sleep in tomorrow!!! Well that is if I get my t-shirt blanket order completed tonight. Ready to enjoy some R&R.

Link up with Lauren for #H54F!  Next weekend will include 4th of July awesomeness!  


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