Sunday, June 17, 2012

Patio Reveal

It is finally time for the Patio Grand Reveal. To truly understand why I am so excited I  must share before and after pictures. It is amazing how easy it has been to forget how ugly, hideous, overgrown, dated, useless (need I go on) the patio was. But now it is perfect!


The Details

Fence – David Fence Co. (HOA replaced)
Cement – The Best Dad & his ATM Concrete buddies
Flowers – Lowe's and Kaw Valley Greenhouse

Benches/Planters – Dominic made

2 Captain’s Chairs and Table – Dominic made
Olympic Canyon Brown Stain on Captain’s Chairs, Fence and Benches/Planters – Lowe's

Portfolio Antique Verde Outdoor Wall Light - Lowe's
Table & Chairs - old, acquired when purchased home

Who wants to come over for a patio party?


  1. Hey Makenzie! Just found you through the coast to coast blogger thingy! I'm over in Lawrence. :) Just thought I'd drop by and say hey! Your patio looks great, and the weather lately has been perfect for patio sitting!

  2. Oh my gosh you did an INCREDIBLE JOB! I absolutely love it. I know you're going to enjoy being outside this summer! :)

  3. WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! outstanding job!