Friday, June 1, 2012

High Five for Friday

I am going against the grain on my first High Five For Friday and that is because I am so stinkin' excited about my new patio area. My five things are all from my patio.  I have a couple of finishing touches before true before and afters get posted. Until then here is the sneak peek...

I got new solar lights from Target. I didn't think they were working but apparently I was just too impatient. (and there was no plastic thing to remove like the directions said)

A new and installed light fixture to replace the old broken one. I love same day service.

 A $20 dollar 7 foot umbrella.  Apparently it is for the beach (um hello? we don't have beaches in ks) I'm using it in my outdoor table instead of buying an $80 one. Guess I should go get another...

New planters and benches.  They still need to be stained. Dominic made these with no pattern and they look great and he still has all of his fingers. Bonus!

I filled up my hummingbird feeder. Hopefully I will have a hummingbird on one of my next High Five for Friday posts.

That’s it for my first High Five Friday!  Don’t forget to check out Lauren’s blog (From My Grey Desk) for her top Fives!


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