Thursday, July 12, 2012

No More

No more broken zoom, fuzzy pictures, battery that almost falls out, basic point & shoot, or limited options.  I bought a new camera!  So excited about this. I wanted a camera that is more equipped than a basic point and shoot and less equipped than a DSLR. I went with a Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Digital Camera. It had great reviews and seemed like the perfect in-between camera. I went and checked it out at the local Best Buy and then bit the bullet and purchased an awesome packaged deal on Amazon for about the same price as if I bought just the camera locally. Now the waiting game is on until Mr. UPS man delivers.

No more waiting for a new season of Big Brother because it starts tonight! Which four HouseGuests return this season? Who is going to be the biggest biotch? Who is the next Jeff eye candy? Who will hook up? Who will have the biggest pity party? Who will tell the biggest lie? Who will be the most entertaining? Who will be the first H.O.H.? What new spin will be introduced this year?

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