Sunday, July 22, 2012

Traveling Considerations

  •  Consider what you choose to wear when you are flying.  I got stuck between two people with flowy sleeves.  Help you fellow travelers out and wear tight sleeves so they don’t tickle the person next to you. Here is my stylish outfit. Ha! It has tight sleeves that will not touch who ever gets stuck sitting next to me. :)

  • If you are considering volunteering to change your flight due to overbooking be the first to volunteer. If you hesitate you may end up with the option to split up your flight with your travel partner (one goes to Denver the other to Seattle) and then get told you both can go via Chicago. Okay Chicago isn’t that big of a deal. Then after everyone has boarded the plane you are told only one person is needed to volunteer to take a later flight. Umm, no that means the travel partner and I are separated again. Resulting in foregoing getting the flight reimbursed + $300 voucher and you are the LAST person on the plane and dealing with the tickling sleeve issue.
  • If you are the last person on the FULL flight don’t ask the flight attendant if you can sit together (that was the travel partner). The flight attendant looked at her like she was an idiot and informed us that we were the last ones on the plane.  No shit Sherlock!
  • Stating the obvious…Go to the bathroom before getting on the plane so you aren’t one of the 80 people getting up to pee. (almost guilty, but for once in my life I held it)
  •  Bring multiple reading options. Bossypants can easily be replaced with the book that is currently in your checked luggage.
  • Choose who you sit by wisely. Even though I was the last person on the plane I sat my two anti-social travelers. We didn’t speak I word to one another. Awesomeness! (For real, no sarcasm there)
  • Southwest Airlines please carry Pepsi products. Coke products just don’t cut it. But, kudos on the 100 calorie cheese nips snacks.
  • If you are not a morning person always travel west. Especially if attending a conference requiring you to wake up early. Thank you 2 hour time change, I appreciate you allowing me to feel like I got to sleep in.
  •  (Next time) pack cookies in a Tupperware container so they are not in a million pieces.
  • Bring a pillow for your back. Holy shit! I forgot how uncomfortable airplane seats are.
  •  Be grateful when you are traveling for work…covered parking so my leather seats don’t fry in the Kansas heat for the next few weeks. Bonus!

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