Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five for Friday

Basically my San Diego work trip edition of H54F. Linked up with FMGD.

-one- I made some of the cutest mustache shirts before leaving for a work trip to San Diego. This isn't mine, but I made myself one seen here!

-two- I had a couple of the BEST fruity alcoholic drinks on this trip. This was a raspberry strawberry vodka. It wasn't too strong and was simply delicious. Plus drinking it with an ocean view wasn't so bad!

-three- Fish tacos. Enough said.

-four- An awesome find at the Ocean Beach farmers market. I wish I had bargained with the guy and got rings in more colors. It is made of leather and won't turn finger green like the cheap silver rings that I could afford.

-five- Biggest kite I have ever seen at Seaside Market. This guy was here everyday and would stake kites into the ground and everyone would watch in awe.

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